AFA Member Benefit Program


Business Insurance

Workman's Compensation, General Liability,Auto

The AFA Member Savings Program has selected Alliant Insurance as the endorsed business insurance ("GL, Auto, WC, Property and Umbrella") supplier for our membership. 

The AFA Insurance Program provides manufacturers, distributors and installers a comprehensive insurance program with discounted rates including coverages for GL, Auto, WC, Property and Umbrella.

Key Member benefits include:
  1. No residential exclusion
  2. Includes ongoing and completed operations for additional insureds
  3. Includes Blanket Waiver of Subrogation
  4. Includes Primary and non-contributory wording
  5. Per project aggregate
  6. $0 Deductible (General Liability)
  7. Umbrella limits up to $5m (Depending on limits required by client)
  8. Certificates of insurance within 2 hours of the request
Call our National Representative, Andy Stergiou at (212)-603-0321 for a free consultation and mention you are affiliated with The AFA 'sMember Savings Program.

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Program only available in the U.S.

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